The 2018 Guide to Charleston’s Soft-Shell Crab Season

“The 2018 Guide to Charleston’s Soft-Shell Crab Season”

by Kinsey Gidick

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Readers, you have been heard. After asking yesterday if y’all are still craving a definitive list of where to find soft-shell crabs, the answer came back as a resounding “Yes!” So, here it is, our 2018 guide to this year’s softie season.

One note: Soft-shell crab season is just getting started and while many restaurants are serving them, a host of factors can slow down or stop the flow. As The Grocery’s Kevin Johnson explained, “I don’t see them being a constant yet. This cold snap will slow them. It’ll probably take a little warmer weather and the full moon at the end of the month to get them consistent.” With that in mind, we’ll update this list as more soft-shell dishes arrive in restaurants, including The Grocery’s which we’ll have in here tomorrow.

New Westside spot Purlieu is on the soft-shell beat too. They have a roasted local soft-shell crab tossed in lemon/chervil vin, served with sweet potato fingerling salad, herbs and watercress right now.

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