The Best New Restaurants That Have Opened Since the Last Bridge Run

“The Best New Restaurants That Have Opened Since the Last Bridge Run”

by Hanna Raskin

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Even if you’ve finished the Cooper River Bridge Run dozens of times before, there’s no reason you should have to celebrate the accomplishment in the same old way. Charleston gains restaurants at a pace that few other U.S. cities can match: To put it in running terms, the city belongs in the first corral.

Of course, not every new restaurant is designed for a festive Saturday night: Many of the most exciting additions to the local dining scene since the last Bridge Run are healthy lunch specialists.  But the following restaurants are sure to make your Saturday night special, assuming you can get a seat.

Chef John Zucker took his time in opening Purlieu, a French-inspired restaurant on the Westside, at least in the opinion of Cru Cafe’s devoted fans. But he didn’t have to worry about rushing his ideas into the marketplace, since the restaurant is built on a foundation of classic dishes and timelessly considerate service. The cozy bistro is warmed by candlelight and the happy conversation that unfolds over frog leg tartes, roast chicken and bouillabaisse.

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