The P&C’s Official Charleston soft-shell crab Itinerary for 2018

“The P&C’s Official Charleston soft-shell crab Itinerary for 2018”

by Stephanie Barna

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Each year, beginning in 2013, I’ve partnered with Harry Root of Grassroots Wine to try as many soft-shell crabs as possible in one day. He brings a cooler full of his Rose de Printemps, because we have found that rose season and soft-shell crab season coincide nicely. Our crab crawl has become a spring event that a certain type of food nerd in Charleston looks forward to. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, we’re not offended. But if you are new to soft-shell crabs, we think you should get out there and get some of this local delicacy while you can.

We have created a special itinerary of the best of the best when it comes to soft-shell crabs, with 12 restaurants worth hitting during softie season.

237 Fishburne St.
Coated in a fine flour and pan-seared, the crisp softie finds itself on a cool pile of sweet potato fingerling salad surrounded by a salad of celery leaves, herbs and watercress, dressed in lemon-chervil vinaigrette. It’s a delicious play of hot and cold, tangy and rich. Purlieu is a tiny litle spot on Fishburne, so plan ahead for this week and make some reservations.

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