Wine Pairing 101: What Your Restaurant’s Waitstaff Needs to Know

“Wine Pairing 101: What Your Restaurant’s Waitstaff Needs to Know”

by Kylie Lobell
February 2, 2018
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When people go out to eat, they not only look for great food flavors. They also want to taste delicious wines that pair well with their meal.

According to research by the Wine Market Council, wine is popular among millennials. In 2015, this cohort consumed more than 150 million cases of wine and had an average of 3.1 glasses per sitting. To compare, Gen Xers averaged 2.4 glasses and baby boomers 1.9 glasses per sitting.

Though many customers love wine, they don’t always know how to properly pair it with their meal to bring out the distinct flavors of both the beverage and the food. It is up to you and your waitstaff to guide them.

Understand your dining audience

While some restaurant guests are educated about wine pairing, many are not. Some diners will order based off their personal preferences, some will do the basic protein-wine pairing, and others may be more adventurous

At the French-southern fusion bistro Purlieu in Charleston, South Carolina, beverage director and certified sommelier Jacob Fuhr said in most cases, customers prefer the most common pairings, but “wine buyers and collectors, and the geeks like me, tend to be a little more adventurous with pairing wine and food.” (click here to view full article)

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